Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Update on my moto-license debacle...

I guess sometimes things work out. I believe my initiative of asking the lady at the DPS office to call me if anyone canceled today worked out. She called me at noon and asked me to come in at 2 for my "rider's test". YES...I'll be there EARLY!

So...Ken gets back into the Porsche and follows me over for one more shot at this. We wait outside for about 30 minutes and the guy comes out and inspects everything on my bike and even tests the blinkers on my car. Nuts.

Anyway....the "rider's test" equates to a ride around the block in a neighborhood behind the testing center. This takes approximately 2 minutes and we're back at the office. Surprise surprise.....I passed! After giving up 15 bucks, prints of BOTH thumbs (for future criminal convictions I'm sure) and another ten minute wait...I'm LEGAL! I guess it's better late than never.

Sometimes Karma catches up with you.....and sometimes it just forgives you and moves on.

As I put my helmet on outside to ride away, the little lady behind the counter from the past 2 mornings came outside and asked me if it was all taken care of and if I was taking off. I told her "yes...thanks for your help.....I hope you never have to see me again" and sped off like I'd just stolen the motorcycle. Heck yes.

What an amazing waste of effort...but lesson learned regardless.

I suppose I deserved the hassle and didn't deserve the lady's "extra effort", but I appreciated it nonetheless. I'll post a pic of my amazing legal piece of plastic when it arrives in the mail. I believe I'll have to get someone to mail it to me in NYC as I won't be around to receive it in Texas. Dang.


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