Sunday, March 30, 2008

as an added bonus...

.....I've decided that I'll be leaving Austin a bit ahead of my previous schedule. A few things in Austin have really helped to push me onward and out of town. If things go as planned logistically, I'll be headed to NYC on April 19th! (I was thinking 4/20, but that seems cliche.....even for me)

I'm going to take a temporary gig working for my good friends John and Michelle Capobianco on Long Island and visiting my new/old friend Christine in Brooklyn. The Capos just bought a newsed house and are in need of major home repair assistance and I'm all too happy to lend a hand. This will allow me to save on overseas shipping of my bike from NYC and simultaneously give me a chance to make a little extra money for trip expenses. Perfect!

I've been quickly selling off everything I own of any value and trying to amass the gear I need for traveling via motorbike (yay Kenneth). I've also been trying to prepare my ride for the trek with basic maintenance and panniers to hold my gear......that reminds trusty Austrian Dirtbike/touring machine is definitely in need of a name. Perhaps I should wait to see if it gets me to NYC before I give it some sweet name like "old faithful"?! Anyone have any ideas of what to call this thing? (comment on this post if you do)

My mindset these days flashes from total excitement to total horror minute to minute. I'm pumped by the road ahead and fearful of what the road holds. Most people are encouraging and seem to tell me what I want to hear about my fears..."it's going to be're gonna love it". I tend to think they are right, but the fear of getting lonely or worse yet....BORED is sometimes stifling. I hope that my biggest problem becomes which cities do I cut off from enjoying myself too much and not wanting to 'move on' to the next. I suppose all questions will be answered shortly. ( this blog getting boring and cliche yet?)

Also...let it be known that I'm looking for sponsorship for this thing. That's right......I'm not too proud to accept gifts or cash for to keep me on the road. Euros are EXPENSIVE and I'm selfishly accepting any and all donations!!! Sure, I'm on holiday and maybe don't deserve it, but I'll use whatever resources I have to make this worth the effort. I'm really in the market for a few things that I think could really be cool to have on the, a point and shoot camera with video capability and things of that nature. Anyone have cool traveling gear I could borrow/have?

Oh....and PARTY is in the works. I plan on having a Thursday night throwdown going away party at Kenneth's place on 4/17! It will be a fun drinking party like the last, so bring your bottle and a smile....I plan on going out in style.

More updates as the day approaches! Also...keep in mind that I'll be changing this web address to soon. Kenneth has graciously accepted the role of my "webmasterbater" and I'll be taking advantage of his offer by posting a new site with my photography and links to my blog. FUN.

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Duc KiLR said...

quit all this typing and get your s**t together. and yes i wish i was going with you...just a few months off.