Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The task at hand...

I'm taking on a new challenge...or should I say that I'm creating one for myself. I'm headed to Europe this summer and I'll be getting around on my motorcycle....alone. I have been dreaming of doing it forever and the time has simply fallen into my lap. How can I not go?

I hope to start updating this as I go. I'm not sure who will subscribe or if it will be worth it, but I'll try to make it at least somewhat interesting. My writing will likely be stilted and at times filled with sappy emotion, but if you're reading this then you likely already know that's just my style. I write candidly and in simple stream-of-consciousness and that's not likely to change for this public view into my thoughts and hopefully long adventure.

I'll start inviting those that seem somewhat interested. Feel free to share it with anyone...this will be me truly creating my own "show and tell" online....what a totally egotistical thing to do huh? Why not??? I deserve it! (inside joke)

I'm hoping that the drive to update this blog and put my thoughts onto a screen will help me through the lonely days this trip surely has for me.....stay tuned, there should be plenty of pointless ramblings to follow.

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