Tuesday, March 18, 2008


"They think you should be playing by the rules, following the herd, you know.....you're born, you go to school, you get a job, you knock up a chick, you work to the bone, send the kids to college, and die...its pretty simple really. Sometimes its hard to see the alternate paths due to the infrequency of successful exposure. For every Rogue millionaire that made it rich by playing by their own rules, there is a bum living on garbage that just barely missed making it big." -Direct quote from a friend

This quote came today from yet another lengthy conversation on life and direction with a friend. This friend is in a similar position in life, but quite honest about the fact that he's more comfortable with conservative decisions and direction with his life......that being said, I feel that he's certainly tested his limits lately.

I know that several of my family and friends find my decision to take off for a while to be a bit disconcerting. It's seen by a few to be foolish or haphazard, but I simply can't NOT take off for a while. I've taken time from my life to complete some outstanding goals, but this feels like a great way to give back some of that time......to truly reflect on why I'm here and where I want to go.

Selfish? sure. Dangerous? perhaps. Spontaneous? not so much. Today should be an adventure and inspiring.....not filled with plans to be happy. I'm happy today....because I'm doing what I can to live.

This rant of rationalized pontification.....over.


Anonymous said...

Yo, I just subscribed...

Keeley said...

Some of us chose to follow the alternate route and some to follow the herd. They're both equally simple and equally challenging depending on one's values and type. Thank God we have both to make life interesting and sustainable. Your alternate route, along with your posts to expose it, should prove quite fun for you and entertaining for those of us left with the herd!!! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to ALL your future posts.